We are hiring!

The Allegan County Fair is hiring for grounds crew.  This job will be available in March or April 2021.  Seasonal job running from March/April to the end of October.
Experience in the following will be a consideration:  Carpentry, cement, welding, lawn care, painting, plumbing, basic electrical work and mechanics.
Essential Functions:  Exemplary attendance, punctuality in reporting to work, leadership with grounds crew, planning for events and administer jobs with crew, hard working, and conscientious worker.  Experience with tractors, mowers, and skidsters.
Requirements:  Create a safe work environment, maintain all buildings and grounds, maintain a valid-clear drivers license, abide by all rules and policies.
Physical Requirements:  This job requires the ability to perform the following essential functions.  Include but not limited to:  Bending, stooping, or standing for long periods of time.  Climbing ladders, move heavy objects, and not have a fear of heights.  Must be able to work long hours in hot sun and cold rainy temperatures.
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Questions:  269-673-6501